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Teachers are doing their jobs and then some….

Here’s the list of people in society who didn’t do their jobs and failed to protect the students of Parkland and so many other school shootings: The FBI who overlooked the calls about the Parkland shooter The school resource officer who chose to cower outside of the school rather than rush in to help his… Continue reading Teachers are doing their jobs and then some….

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Spread the Love

This year, my kids are doing store bought Valentine's Day cards. That's right. After years of trolling Pinterest for the perfect Valentine, spending ridiculous amounts of time and money on crafty cards, we're moving in a new direction. First because Target has great dollar bin cards! And secondly, because you know what happens to your… Continue reading Spread the Love

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Questions for Cold Weather Mamas

It’s day 6 of no school and snow in Brentwood, Tennessee and as the joy of the white, glittering powder has faded and wet, filthy laundry has taken over my home, I have SOOO many questions for my cold weather mom friends: How long does it take for you to leave the house? How much… Continue reading Questions for Cold Weather Mamas