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Teachers are doing their jobs and then some….

Here’s the list of people in society who didn’t do their jobs and failed to protect the students of Parkland and so many other school shootings:

  • The FBI who overlooked the calls about the Parkland shooter
  • The school resource officer who chose to cower outside of the school rather than rush in to help his students
  • The police officers who chose to remain safe, outside of the school, rather than rush in to help their students
  • The politicians who chose money over the wishes and safety of their people
  • The media who chose to spread division and hate-speech rather than reporting the facts
  • The video game creators who chose to profit off games that promote murder and destruction
  • The parents who chose to put their personal baggage, or careers, or hobbies or selfishness over the needs of their children
  • The NRA who turned a hobby into a hate group
  • The churches who turned into stadiums for Pharisees rather than havens for extending Christ’s love
  • Me for being caught up in raising young kids and not being politically active enough
  • You for being caught up climbing the corporate ladder and not being politically active enough

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and freaking on.

But you know who didn’t fail the students at Parkland or at your kids’ school?


The 3 teachers who shielded the students at Parkland, giving up their own lives for other people’s children; they did their jobs and then some.

The teachers are MSD who held crying students, prayed over them, and kept them safe; the teachers who visited injured students in the hospital, who hugged and cried and prayed with parents whose children lost their lives; the teachers who organized rallies and worked with survivors to get their message out; they did their jobs and then some. 

The teachers of neighboring high schools, Taravella and Coral Springs, who got up in the days following the shooting and drove to school with shaky hands. They entered classrooms with students who were angry, frightened, sad and hollow. They answered questions they didn’t have the solutions to and gave hope when they didn’t feel any and they listened and they loved and they prayed. They did their jobs and then some. 

The teachers everywhere who not only teach but do the work of 20 other professions every single week….

the teacher who acts as a social worker to seek help for a student who’s come to school with suspect bruises on her arm;

the teacher who acts as a psychologist to his student who is devastated after a break-up and is feeling depressed and helpless;

the teacher who acts as a lawyer, documenting and collecting evidence for an IEP meeting to recommend alternative resources for a student whose behavior in class in dangerous and erratic;

the teacher who acts as a mom, buying snacks and packing lunches for a long weekend for a student she knows might not eat otherwise;

the teacher who acts as a dad, showing up to a ball game on his weekend to cheer on a student he believes in, then taking him out after the game to help fill out college applications;

the teacher who acts as a nurse, buying hand sanitizer and tissues, while wiping the snotty noses of her 32 littles ones and praying she doesn’t get sick because she has three kids of her own at home and can’t afford another sick day; these teachers have done their jobs and then some. All while being given very little respect and very little pay. 

But that’s not enough. Now teachers should also be responsible for defending their schools as well. You know why? Because it’s the CHEAPEST and EASIEST solution. 

Give the teachers a raise, a bonus for excellent work or a gift card for putting up with your kids. But don’t give them one more job. Defending schools with guns is not a teacher’s job. Teachers have done their jobs. Mr. President, Senator Rubio, Governor Scott, please go do yours!

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