Winter Rants & Ideas

Move the Damn Elf Day 24

This morning Pierson came into my room and said, “I wish the elves could stay forever.” And I nodded my head in fake agreement while internally cheering! It’s the final day of moving the damn elves and there is a big glass of red wine waiting for me at the end of this journey.

Today the elves made a special delivery at the door of each child with their Christmas pajamas. We are slightly obsessed with Home Alone this year. Mia does a fabulous “Haaaaarrrry!” impression and Cam can quote the entire film. So when I saw these Home Alone themed pjs on Zulily, I bought them right away.

While I loath the elves, they bring my kids so much joy and they extended the magic for Pierson for at least one more Christmas season! So in the end, the work was worth the pay-off but I won’t miss those creepy red velvet pests. Until next year when I forget where I hid them!

Merry Christmas to ALL and to all, a glass of red wine tonight!!

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