Winter Rants & Ideas

Move the Damn Elf Day 17

Today was a rainy, dreary, chilly day and thus we dubbed it pajamas, movies and basement day. The kids added appropriate accessories to their pajamas because, why not, it’s Christmas break and we headed down to the basement.

We were greeted by the damn elves who had created wrapping paper stilts. The faux-legs were anchored in our shoes to add stability for their climb. They seemed to be trying to reach the board games, or perhaps a remote control car.

The kids loved the set-up and Pierson used the moment to remind me that the basketball shoes his elf was wearing are getting too tight, so we need to add that to the Christmas list! Can someone please give me a recipe to stop the St. Bernard puppy from growing anymore! He’s 8 and is pushing a size 7 shoe.

Elf on people, one more week to go!!

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