Move the Damn Elf Day 14

This morning, Pierson woke me at 5:30 am to tell me he was hungry. I told him to take his hungry behind back to bed and not to come out until it was 6:00. Just as I was dozing off for the last few precious minutes of sleep I gasped, “the damn elves!”

I creeped downstairs, and pulled the elves off the super-loud and jingley light fixture and threw them behind the curtains. That’s right, I threw those pointy-headed freaks behind the curtain and started my day with a hot cup of coffee, all alone in the peace of the kitchen.

Very quickly, feet started pattering and the morning routine was in full swing! The magical act of getting three kids out of the door by 7am leaves little time to look for the elves so I counted on today’s nap time to move the damn elves.

It’s getting really cold in Nashville and for some reason all of the pairs of gloves are now living the single life. Why is there always just one left? So I went to my high-end got-to accessory shop, TJ Maxx, and grabbed hat and glove sets for the kids. Then I set them up with a toilet paper snowman and shoved the elves inside. This whole set-up took me 3 minutes and I can’t wait to see they boys’ faces today after school.

Any guesses on how long it will take them to lose one of the gloves?

**Update: Happy Kids**

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