Move the Damn Elf Day 12

Last night both of the boys were equally filled with excitement and nerves about upcoming Christmas performances. Pierson had a great role in his school’s 2nd grade musical and Cam’s Pre-K class was visiting a retirement home to sing Christmas carols.

So we gave them the tried and true advice of picturing the audience in their underwear. The boys giggled and laughed and said they would picture the audience with underwear on their heads, since that’s Mia’s favorite at-home hair accessory!

Sarath set-up the elves at Mia’s microphone and compiled a lovely audience complete with underwear on their heads.

Please excuse the messy playroom. Rule #27 of having 3 kids, playrooms only get cleaned once a week. Otherwise you’re like a dog chasing its’ tail!

And if you’re feeling worn out by the damn elves….we’ve reached the half-way mark! Almost there people!

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