Move the Damn Elf Day 11

This weekend was a doozie. It included 3 basketball games, 2 fingers slammed in a drawer, and an epic fail at the Nutcracker.

So on Sunday night, Sarath offered to help move the damn elves and I was happy to let him take over. He is actually the more create elf mover and the boys are waiting for his annual elf zip-line to appear.

Since we were so classy at the Nutcracker (see earlier post if you missed it) he decided to copy my friend Judy’s elf-capade below.

The boys love the I-Fart app on Sarath’s phone, again classy family of the year, so he gave each of the kids’ elf their own named fart. I’ve got to admit that the names of the gas are quite witty. A few of our favorites are the Fartacus, Predator, Jack the Ripper and of course, The Trump Dump. If you’re feeling judged, I’m ok with it. But please play at least three sounds on the app before you form your final opinion. As a Sarath says, if I stop finding fart jokes funny, life is not worth living anymore!

Not much more to say on this one because it’s gross but the kids were doubled over with laughter this morning. Total Dad-win with the farting elves! Keep it classy people.

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