Move the Damn Elf Day 10

There are certain things that I worry about as a mother of young children. Stairs, knives, open medicine bottles, choking hazards. But sock drawers have never made my list of worries. Last night, after a long day of basketball I sent Cam to his room to grab warm pjs. From Mia’s room I heard a scream and instant cry; not fake crying or whining, but real, intense crying.

I ran next door and saw Camden’s fingers covered in blood. I ran to his bathroom, grabbed and wet a washcloth and wrapped his hand while I comforted him. After a few minutes he calmed down and was able to recount his injury. His sock drawer was stuck open and when he tried to beast-mode push it in, two of his finger tips got crushed in the process.

The poor kid was such a champ as Sarath cleaned and wrapped the wounds, so I decided to use the damn elves to make him feel better about his pitiful wrapped fingers. I placed the elves in Cam’s tent and wrapped the elves with injuries that mimicked the boys’. Pierson was fine, but had a sore knee from one of his games.

Then I covered Mia’s elf in band-aids since she’s our resident sticker and band-aid hoarder. I completed the set-up with a chocolate-themed Candy Land game that literally contains chocolate cards and coins.

The kids were super-pumped about the game and I’ve now added sock drawers to the list of things that cause me mom-xiety.

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