Move the Damn Elf Day 7

How is it that little feet grow so fast? Mia has been in bitty ballet for just 3 short months and she’s already outgrown her first pair of dance shoes. With just two weeks left in the semester, I would have just crammed her feet into the shoes for the remaining classes or let her go barefoot. I’m a rebel like that. Her Dad, Sir Spoils A lot, didn’t want even a toe nail on his baby girl harmed, so he ordered her new ballet shoes from the ever-so-trusty giant Amazon.

Since he’d been traveling for work the previous few nights it was his turn to move the damn elves so he set up the sweetest presentation of new shoes for the princess.

She woke up clapping when she saw the elves and immediately put on the shoes “all by MYself”, thank you very much.

Now my question is, what do I do with the first pair of ballet shoes? I need ideas on ways to preserve them as a memory in the future.

Details on Mia’s tent below:

Giant Gund Lamb

I bought the his guy on a whim at Costco months ago. It was less than $20! I looked like a crazy-lady walking around with that beast in my cart but I have 3 kids. My sense of pride and shame are just non-existent at this point.

PBK tent

Little people need little spaces. Mia loves to read, do puzzles and have tea parties in her tent. And truthfully, Cam loves to join her in this cozy corner too. Don’t buy this thing without a 20% off coupon or higher. It’s pricey but worth it!


These pillows were purchased at Home Goods, so I don’t have links to share but my recommendation on decorative pillows for kids is never spend more the $25 on a pillow. They’re going to get stepped on, spilled on, puked on and destroyed. Get something cute but not something that will make you cry when it’s destroyed…not if, but when.

Mia’s Reindeer PJ’s

Just $12.99 at Target. You know you’ll be there soon any way!

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