Move the Damn Elf Day 5

Can we talk for a second about Steph Curry? This summer I was dropping P off at basketball camp. There were well over 150 kids warming up in the gym and I was struck by the sea of blue and gold t-shirts adorned with SC, #30 and even Steph’s face chewing a mouth piece.

It dawned on me that Steph Curry is my boys’ Michael Jordan. He is their basketball idol and it makes me so happy. Steph is hard-working and humble and kind. He’s a family man and evidence that talent and hard work can overcome the odds in even the most competitive circumstances.

So after watching the boys shoot and practice lay-ups together in their coordinating Steph gear, I knew I had to capitalize on the Steph love with the damn elves. They loved it, although Pierson wanted to make sure they wouldn’t take the SC socks back to the North Pole!

And when the boys were occupied today, I watched Mia pick up her elf, Bella McMillan, (new name, don’t ask. All the other names include butt or fart due to coaching by Cam), give her a hug and say, “Oh we love Steph Curry too Bella”. So yeah, total mom crush on Steph, not because he’s hot but because I’m happy he’s my kids’ sports idol.

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