Move the Damn Elf Day 4

On Monday mornings my husband heads to work early, so I get to drag both littles from their bed and throw them in their car seats by 7am to get P to school on time. It’s days like this that I second guess our private school decision…I mean I’m paying to make this early morning drive? And the bus stop for our public school is literally in my yard?

So after dropping Pierson off for school, I heard giggling in the backseat and looked in my rear view mirror to see these two blanket ghosts. Pretty much describes my Monday vibes.

So after laughter and coffee and drive through donuts for the blanket ghosts, we got home and they went running to find their elves. I tapped out early the night before but luckily the husband moved the damn elves and he created a teachable moment for the kids.

Mia, my two-year old, has been begging for a dog. She is an animal lover and kisses every toy with a face. But I just got her out of diapers and I’d like a break from cleaning up poop, human or dog, for at least a little while. So I’ve been saying that before we get a dog, all three kids have to commit to feeding the dog and cleaning up its poo.

So Sarath used the damn elves to our benefit and only one out of three kids committed to cleaning up the dog poop, rainbow colored or other. So it looks like we’ve dodged the dog bullet, for at least another month! Hope your Monday was better than mine since I’m writing this post on Tuesday!

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