Move the Damn Elf Day 2

So I’ve decided that if I have to move these damn elves every night, they might as well be helpful. Last night, we visited Santa at a school event. I’m not going to lie, checking off the Santa visit, on December 1st is a major win. Thankful to our school for hosting a great event with an amazing Santa and Mrs. Claus. My only criticism of the event is their decision to wrap the line through the upper school book shelves…

These two may have left some finger prints in the novels and scholarly texts!

Then we traveled to the 12 South area of Nashville and bought our tree. I tried my best to get some great family shots, but these will have to work this year!

Then we hit up Burger-Up for a great cheat meal. I highly recommend the Quinoa Fritters and the Turkey Burger. And the honey mustard is so good it should be served on the side of every dish! I may have hidden it from the kids and eaten it all myself! Totally not sorry!

After a full night of family Christmas fun the last thing I wanted to do was move the damn elves, so I grabbed all three of them by their pointy hats and made them carry up the kids’ Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I threw on a handful of colored lights and called it a night.

The elves drive me crazy at night, but the smiles they bring in the morning……..totally worth it!

The kids’ outfits are all from H&M kids.

The boys shirts were just $10, as were their pants. I would size-up in the shirt and stay true to size in the pants.

Mia’s dress was $17.99 and leggings were $10. I would size down in both the dress and leggings. The top she’s wearing is only available in H&M stores right now and fits true to size. I buy all of Mia’s bows in bulk, because we ❤️ some bows, from a great small shop Sweet Peakaboo. Right now they have 30 4 inch bows for just $30!!

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