The Perfect Pumpkin 🎃 

So I hate making crafts with my kids. There I said it and I really mean it. The mess, the chaos, the clean-up and the final product that usually looks like a melted version of the Pinterest vision. I usually take a hard pass on crafts.

But last year I decided to dip a toe into the pond of craftiness and I’m glad I did. As I unpacked my fall decorations today, I came across this little gem and it made me tear up for a quick minute.


Because Mia’s tiny baby hand at age one is already massively larger just one year later. And only minutes after the boys were home from school, they were fighting over who got to measure their hand on the pumpkin first. 

So if you hate crafts like me, but want to jump into the baby pool of holiday crafting, start with this guy. 

Here’s what you need:

Basic decorative pumpkin

Decorative is code for fake, in case you’re craft-impaired like me. The terminology on some crafty blogs is ridic!

Assorted paints

I chose red, orange and yellow so this decoration takes me from Halloween through Turkey Day. This mama does NOT have time for separate decorations- it’s Fall or Christmas. That’s all I’ve got in me people!

Foam brushes

I painted each child’s hand with the paint first. Then I placed their palm on the pumpkin and held it down for a few seconds to ensure a solid print. I waited about 30 minutes between each handprint to allow the paint time to set. I have no idea if that’s the best crafting advice, but it worked for me.

Gold sharpie

After all handprints were dry, I wrote their age on the pinkie finger of each hand. I added the year at the top of the pumpkin and “Thankful” below but you could choose any basic seasonal word if you prefer.

Finally, never shop at a craft store without a coupon code. I don’t know what type of pricing games those people are playing, but I refuse to pay full price for that mess. 

Use the code 50SAVE10117 at Michael’s Crafts by October 7th for 50% off one item.

Good luck and please share your finished products with me!

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