3 Reasons You Need to Head to Costco Right Now

On my kids’ last day of summer, I decided to be an amazing mom and take all three of them to Costco. Don’t be jealous. I’m amazing most of the time!

Costcomain They interpreted this decision as modern-day torture but I’m ok with it. So its been a few days since we terrorized Costco and I’m just now sitting down to write about the great deals…because today, school starting doesn’t really mean it actually starts. It means you softly and tenderly, drop your children off for a few hours at a time, over a series of days, to get them comfortable with the school routine. I’m sure if I still had just one kiddo or was a new mom, I would think of this strategy as educationally sound or emotionally stable. But as a mom of 3, I want to just throw them out of my mom bus and say, “Have a great day! Be kind! Study hard!” and come back at 3:00 like our parents used to!

But I digress. Deals and Costco. Here we go.

Allergy Medicines: If you live in the Southeast like we do, you know that Fall means two things: football and allergy season. Costco has the best deals on allergy meds for adults and kiddos. Stock-up now to avoid paying high prices elsewhere or suffering through the sneezes and wheezes caused by pollen.

Zyrtec is $34.29 for 100 10 mg tablets. You will pay $34.99 for just 70 tablets at Target and $39.99 for the same bottle at Walgreens. That means you get 30 more sneeze-free days by shopping at Costco.

To save even more, here’s a link for $7.50 off your purchase.


Children’s Claritin is $29.99 for 50 5mg chewables. You will pay $28.00 for 30 tablets at Walgreens or $23.99 for the same package at Target.

Lifetime Kids Chairs

Costco2Need some chairs for your playroom? Of course you do. These Lifetime Kids Stacking Chairs are only $13.94. They come in lime green, purple or red. I love them because there are no sharp corners for toddling babes. The surface is wipeable which means kids can spill a juice box, lick the seat or puke on them and you can wipe, sterilize or scrub them down. The bright colors help to add a little pop to your space and I love the way they look in our messy playroom. And yes, my playroom is always messy. No apologies here. They are only available in-store, so be sure to call ahead before going in.

Halloween Costumes

It always makes me nervous the Halloween starts popping up in stores because it makes me feel un-prepared for the major mom-driven holiday moments that start in October and end December 26. I literally get angry in Target when the back-to-school supplies have been replaced by pumpkins. Can I get like 2 weeks to stroll through a store, with just one of my children, enjoying a warm latte before I start holiday stressing?

But for some reason the Costco display of Halloween costumes didn’t stress me out, it amazed me. You mean I can buy my costumes right now, in August for under $25? That sounds amazing! There is a great selection, in-store and sizes range from 3T to 12. I love the astronaut costume and Mia was obsessed with the mermaid costume.

So head over to Costco for allergy meds, super-cute kids chairs and Halloween costumes. But try not to take ALL of the kids with you! Happy shopping mamas!




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